Day to day the Trust is run by a dedicated and energetic group of talented individuals – these are the people in the office or out around the island, day in, day out, rain or shine. They are the ones who make things happen – another plant planted, a new invertebrate record, a class taken at a local school, a path cleared, a wall restored, or a wirebird nest revisited.






Jeremy Harris               Director

Amanda Constantine  Office Manager

Alonzo Henry               Head of Operations

Amy-Jayne Dutton      Head of Conservation

Beth Taylor                  Head of Marine Conservation

Darren Williams           Built Heritage Supervisor

Richard John               Built Heritage Skilled Worker

Chrissy Thomas          Built Heritage Worker

Martina Peters             Conservation Projects Manager

Denni Leo                    Field Teams Manager/Wirebird Project Manager

Liza Fowler                   Invertebrate Survey Project Coordinator

Sheena Isaac                Education and Outreach Officer

Natasha Stevens          Invertebrate Survey Project Assistant

Shayla Ellick                 LEMP Project Manager

Lionel Joshua               LEMP Project Administrator

David Francis               Field Supervisor (LEMP)

Travoy Stevens            Field Supervisor (LEMP)

Antonio Green             Senior Conservation Worker (LEMP)

Belinda Thomas          Senior Conservation Worker (LEMP)

Cheryl O’Dean             Conservation Worker (LEMP)

Justine Francis            Conservation Worker (LEMP)

Hensel Thomas            Conservation Worker (LEMP)

Robert Mittens              Conservation Worker (LEMP)

John Brady                   Bowser Driver

Kenickie Andrews        Whale Shark Project Manager

Jamie Ellick                  Marine Project Assistant

Luke Bennett                Marine Project Assistant

Kyle Joshua                  Field Worker

James Fantom              Invasive Species Project Officer

Pat Thomas                   Weed-buster

Dale Benjamin              Weed-buster

Chrissy Clingham        Millennium Forest Supervisor

Richard Henry              Millennium Forest Nursery Worker




Trust Council

The strategic direction of the Trust is set by the Trust Council with the support of the Director. The Council is made up of a group of prominent individuals involved in leadership in various capacities on the island. Each person has a particular interest in the conservation of St Helena’s built, cultural, and natural heritage.

Ethel Yon M.B.E.                                   – President

Leigh Morris                                         – Vice President

Robyn Franconi                                  – Treasurer 

Annina Van Neel                                 – Secretary

Gilly Brooks                                        – At Large

Sam Cherrett                                       – At Large

Wendy Benjamin                                – Government Appointment

Cyril Leo                                              – Government Appointment

Adam Sizeland                                    – Heritage Society

Ludi Kern                                            – St Helena Nature Conservation Group

Olive Brown                                        – Arts and Crafts Association

Helena Bennett                                  – Co-Opted