The St Helena National Trust is pleased to introduce you to a set of 16 Education Packs designed to support Teachers and Students of Middle Schools, Years 4,5 & 6, in their study of St Helenaʼs Local History. The packs are sourced from a variety of books, news articles, photographs, old prints, and other archival material. The Trust is grateful to Mrs Barbara George for her work in researching and compiling the packs during her time as Director and to Robin Richards for formatting them for the website and CD reproduction.

Click on the links below to access each pdf file as required:

1. Places of Historic Interest

1.1 1890 Rockfall & Fountain

 1.2 Jamestown market

1.3 Settlements

1.4 Pilling School

1.5 Magnetic Observatory

1.6 Plantation House

2 Social change over 50 years

2.1 Benefit Societies

2.2 Flax Industry

3. St Helena at War

3.1 City of Cairo

3.2 Darkdale

3.3 Falklands War

4. St Helena’s Prisoners

4.1 Dinuzulu

4.2 Napoleon

4.3 Boers

4.4 Bahrainis

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