The St Helena National Trust works to further the conservation management of the island’s built, cultural and natural heritage. To this end it encourages the development of projects by its member organisations, as well as its own staff, and develops core activities.

The stimulus for projects may come from concerned people, it may come from community expressed needs, or there may be ideas suggested from overseas. In all instances the Trust seeks first and foremost to identify and satisfy the environmental management needs of the island in its broadest sense. It seeks to augment and support the activities of other relevant organisations and authorities, and provides services where required.

Over the past ten years a number of projects have been completed within the Programme Areas of the Built Heritage, Cultural Heritage and Natural Heritage. The work never ends, there is never enough support, and dedicated people are hard to find. This last stimulates a training and educational aspects to all our work, implemented at every opportunity to develop local capacity to keep the work supported into the future. We seek to enable communities of the island to have the capability and the commitment to decide their own destinies and the future appearance and functioning of their environment.

A summary of the past and present projects is given here:

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