Our vision:

‘The built, cultural, and natural heritage of St Helena for all, forever’

Our mission:

‘To ensure a future for St Helena that is rooted in the firm foundations of our past by providing trustworthy information, effective management, and practical conservation of St Helena’s heritage’

The principal objects of the Trust are to:

  1. promote the permanent preservation for the benefit of St Helena of lands and buildings of beauty or historical interest and, in the case of lands, the preservation (so far as possible) of their natural aspect features and animal, plant and marine life;
  2. maintain and manage lands acquired by the Trust as open spaces or places of public resort and buildings so acquired for purposes of public recreation, resort or instruction;
  3. promote the preservation of buildings of public interest or architectural, historic or artistic interest and places of natural interest or beauty and the protection and augmentation of the amenities of such buildings and places and their surroundings;
  4. promote the preservation of furniture, pictures, documents, and chattels of any description having national or historic or artistic interest;
  5. tender advice to the St Helena Government on any matter contained in this section;
  6. promote the access to and enjoyment of such lands, buildings, places, and chattels by the public;
  7. develop any land, whether by the construction of buildings or otherwise.

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