The Landscape & Ecology Mitigation Programme (LEMP) originally formed part of the St Helena Airport Project’s (SHAP) Environmental Statement; as such, the LEMP is a requirement of the planning consent for the SHAP. The project seeks to provide compensatory habitats and landscape treatment to reduce and offset the permanent direct loss of habitat, and the direct and indirect impacts on the Island landscapes, as a result of airport construction and supporting infrastructure.

The St Helena Government (SHG) retains financial oversight of the LEMP, with delivery of the project divested to the Trust since 1 August 2018 until the close of the project in 2021.

The LEMP currently has two key remits:

  • Reinstatement of land temporarily disturbed due to airport construction works
  • Compensation for 1.5 times any land permanently lost through airport construction

Over the past few years the LEMP team, in partnership with local organisations, have completed a significant amount of work towards these goals, including the propagation and planting of over 70,000 (and counting) plants and construction of just under 10km of rabbit-proof fencing.

The team


Top row: Belinda Thomas, John (Jack) Brady, Hensel Thomas, Lionel Joshua, Robert Mittens, Antonio Green

Bottom row: David Francis, Cheryl O’Dean, Shayla Ellick, Justine Francis, Travoy Stevens

Further reading

The LEMP Project Document, and archive of annual reports published under SHG, can be viewed here:

For more information please get in touch through the website or drop in to Broadway House.

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